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Growing Your Business

Where can I get help expanding my business?

We would be happy to assist in helping you to expand your business. The Info Entrepreneurs Website, the Canada Business Network and the Canada Business Ontario websites also have valuable information on identifying opportunities, business planning and resources for growth.

The Halton Region Small Business Centre also provides support to expanding small businesses.

Who can help me with tasks such as strategic planning and market research?

We are happy to assist with market research and we have a number of useful documents on our website.

Where can I find information on permits, licences, development charges, and design guidelines?

For Information on permits, licenses, development charges, and design guidelines, please visit the City of Burlington’s Planning and Development website.

How can I connect with other businesses in Burlington?

We have a number of events throughout the year. Please visit our Events page to learn more.

The Burlington Chamber of Commerce also has a number of galas, tradeshows, networking events and more.

The Angel One Investor Network is a member-based, not-for-profit organization for accredited investors. Angel One provides members with opportunities to increase their exposure to quality pre-screened companies seeking capital and gives the Angels the opportunity to expand their network of like-minded investors.

Who are my potential partners, suppliers, and competitors?

We can provide you with a list of potential partners, suppliers, and competitors. Please contact us for more information.

In addition, the Enterprise Canada Network (ECN) connects Canadians to global business, technology and research opportunities, facilitates international partnerships and creates trade.

Does Burlington have the human resources to meet my staffing needs?

With a talent pool of more than two million people to draw from within a 45-minute commute, employers have the added advantage of attracting their workers from a large commuter shed that includes Halton Region, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Guelph, Brantford, and the Niagara Region. Burlington has approximately 90,000 employees and over 67% of these employees have post-secondary education.

Education attainment infographic

With the McMaster University Research Centres and Institutes, Mohawk College, Sheridan College and the National Water Research Institute just minutes away, Burlington is home to a strong community of research, development, and innovation.

Some useful resources include:


How do I find information on how my business measures up to others in the industry?

The Canada Business Network provides financial performance data, benchmarking tools and ratio calculators, as well as industry sector data.

Where can I get information on exporting, importing, and international trade?

The Canada Business Network provides information on planning for business growth, R&D and innovation, exporting and importing and other ways to expand your business.

Where can I get information specifically on exporting?

Where can I get information on patents, trade-marks, industrial designs, copyrights and more?

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office provides a variety of services such as applying and searching for a patents, trademarks, copyrights, and industrial designs.

Where can I get information about government grants and financing?

The Canada Business Network website provides information on financing such as grants, contributions, subsidies and loan guarantees.

How do I sell to the government?

Burlington Overview

Is Burlington a good fit for my business?

Burlington is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and an atmosphere that supports innovation and global engagement.

For people, and for generating new ideas, there is no better place than Burlington, Canada. For a number of years, we’ve been voted the best mid-sized city in Canada in which to live. It’s why so many innovative companies are here, working in the best place to live.

Living puts you in the heart of North America’s biggest market, with easy access to highways, shipping and major airports.

Burlington’s employment districts are one of the Greater Toronto Areas’ best development opportunities. Centrally located, these districts will add over 10 million square feet of prime space, creating a signature business environment for major employers across the province.

Read more about business in Burlington in our Why Burlington section.

What are the characteristics of the Burlington economy?

The diversity of Burlington’s business base is the key to its economic success. Sector concentrations in advanced manufacturing, financial services, information technology, and earth and medical services, are creating real and sustained growth within the community. Burlington’s dynamic economy creates overlapping opportunities for companies to provide goods and services to multiple sectors, and to find the suppliers needed to optimize their operations.

Employment Base Infographic

business Base infographic

To learn more about our economy, view our Investment Profile and our Economic Base Analysis.

What key institutions/facilities are located in Burlington?

Burlington’s dynamic economy creates overlapping opportunities for companies to provide goods and services to multiple sectors, and to find the suppliers needed to optimize their operations. For information on leading employers, Burlington’s Employment Base as well as post-secondary institutions, visit our Investment Profile.

Building and Development

What major development projects are currently taking place in the city?

Throughout the city, there are a number of development projects taking place. The City of Burlington website lists major current development applications and studies. Also, please learn more about future planning and development in the Official Plan.

What are Burlington’s key employment districts?

Burlington has been actively involved in shaping robust and vibrant communities where citizens can both live and work. Burlington’s five key strategic employment districts are: the 403 West Corridor, 407 Corridor, Downtown, QEW Prosperity Corridor and Bronte Meadows. To learn more about them, please contact us.


How can I find a facility/property that suits my needs?

We work closely with the real estate and development community as they satisfy the needs of prospective companies and organizations looking to locate in Burlington. A list of options are available to help you locate available real estate within our community on the Site Selection page of the our website. Additionally, you may want to visit our Featured Sites page.

Where can I find information on zoning?

For information on zoning, including definitions, conditions and provisions, please visit the City of Burlington’s Zoning By-law 2020 as well as the Zoning By-law Interactive Map.

Business Costs

What other funding and incentives are available?
  • The Ontario government and the Federal government offer a variety of incentives and funding programs for a range of industries and operations including hiring, R&D, and commercialization incentives and export trade opportunities. For more information, please visit the Canada Business Network and Halton Region’s Incentives
  • Visit Export Development Canada for information on financing solutions – there are a wide range of government programs designed to help Canadian companies export and grow.
  • Mentor Works is a business that helps your business discover and apply for government funding specifically for business expansion.

A few other incentives to note are listed below:

  • Industrial Research Assistance Programs provides eligible small or medium-sized businesses with financial assistance to develop, adopt, adapt, and/or commercialize new or improved technologies.
  • Technology Demonstration Program allows eligible businesses to receive up to 50% of the costs of creating a next-generation manufacturing service for the aerospace, defence, space and security industries.
  • R&D tax credits allows qualifying corporations to claim a 4.5 per cent non-refundable tax credit on eligible scientific research and experimental development expenditures performed in Ontario to reduce their Ontario corporate income tax payable.
  • Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit was created specifically for game developers and producers. This program refunds 40% of the costs of labour, marketing and distribution for games created in-house in Ontario. For companies that develop games under a fee-for-service arrangement the tax credit is 35%..
  • Co-operative Education Tax Credit allows eligible ICT providers who hire students from Ontario colleges or universities to receive a refundable tax credit of 25 per cent of their salaries, up to a maximum of $3,000 per student.

Where can I find information on City tax rates?

The City of Burlington’s Rates and Fees website lists 2015 Final Tax Rates and also provides a Halton Region Property Tax Estimator to assist in estimating your property taxes.

What are the water rates in Burlington?

The Region of Halton provides a breakdown of residential and commercial water rates.

Where can I find information on insurance and workers compensation?

The WSIB Ontario website has information for employers as well as required documents and forms.