Economic Vision 2025

The development of Burlington Vision 2025 will take place from April to September 2015 with 5 key phases:

Phase 1: Defining the Baseline
Phase 2: Stakeholder Engagement
Phase 3: Competitive Analysis & SWOT
Phase 4: Vision & Strategy Roadmap
Phase 5: Stakeholder Endorsement

Process to Date

The development of Vision 2025 was founded on 2 core principles understanding our current situation through data analysis and engaging stakeholders to create a common vision that can be achieved in partnership.  An extensive baseline analysis and stakeholder engagement process was undertaken to support these objectives which engaged over 300 stakeholders through a combination of interviews, surveys and workshops.  This process was overseen by the Economic Vision Advisory Committee composed of 19 stakeholders who met regularly throughout the development of Burlington Vision 2025 to review work completed and develop draft directions for the economic vision.  The results of this work can be found in separate reports below:

The results of the draft economic vision directions report were presented to Council in June 2015 as part of a City of Burlington strategic plan workshop.  Council approved the work to date, developed Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) and gave direction to move to the partnership validation and engagement phase of the Economic Vision.

As a result 7 partner workshops were completed during the summer of 2015 engaging over 80 stakeholders in reviewing each focus area in detail and developing draft action plans and partner matrix for the delivery of the next phase of the economic vision.  This resulted in the following 5 Strategic Pillars and 2 Economic Enablers for Burlington Vision 2025:

Strategic Pillars

  1. Development & Intensification of Employment Lands
  2. Vibrant, Diverse & Growing Community
  3. Fostering Business Growth, Investment, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  4. Integrated Transportation & Increased Connectivity
  5. Developing a Unique & Dynamic Brand for the City of Burlington

Economic Enablers

  1. Infrastructure Planning by all Regulatory Bodies
  2. Intergovernmental Alignment

The Economic Vision will be reviewed with Council in October 2015 as part of the City of Burlington Strategic Plan Process.