Economic Indicators


The diversity of Burlington’s business base is the key to its economic success. Sector concentrations in advanced manufacturing, financial services, information technology, and earth and medical services, are creating real and sustained growth within the community. Burlington’s dynamic economy creates overlapping opportunities for companies to provide goods and services to multiple sectors, and to find the suppliers needed to optimize their operations.

Burlington is strategically located in the most prosperous area in Canada, known as the Golden Horseshoe, and is a prime location for many diverse businesses. Home to a number of Fortune 500 companies with global mandates, part of Burlington’s strength lies in its economic diversity, creating its reputation as a high performance economy.


Employment Base

Source: Halton Employment Survey, 2017

Business Base

Source: Halton Employment Survey, 2017

Economic Indicator Data

Economic indicators provide a snapshot of the overall health of the Burlington economy. Statistics are gathered from realtor reports (CBRE/TBEB), City of Burlington building permits, Statistics Canada, Environics and the CMHC. Key statistics that provide insight on the health of the Burlington economy include: Number of ICI and residential building permits, office and industrial vacancy rates, number of housing starts, and unemployment rates.

Data Includes:

  • Development Activity Overview, ICI Market Overview, Residential Market Overview, and Labour Market Information.
  • New Jobs from New Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Construction