What if you could complete 97% of your site selection process with just one click?
With BurlingtonSites, you can!

What is BurlingtonSites?

BurlingtonSites is your first stop every time you start your site selection process. Much more than a site selection mapping tool, BurlingtonSites allows you to access everything from real estate and business intelligence to demographic and industry breakdowns in one place.

Using dynamic mapping capabilities, BurlingtonSites not only shows you available properties in the area, it allows you to view the properties alongside customizable layers of economic, planning, infrastructure, geographic, and demographic data so you can feel confident in your investment decision.

Site Selection with us is easy...

Determine the criteria you are interested in knowing,
whether it be geographic, demographic, or industry specific

Launch BurlingtonSites, and explore the different layers and
reports that are available to learn more about your ideal property

Reach out to us at invest@burlington.ca to discuss
how we can help you take the next step in your property search.

How are our customers
using Burlington Sites?

Relocating a Retail Location

Michael owns a small brew your own beverage retail location in Burlington. Recently, a retail unit went up for lease near his house. The retail unit is located…


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