Ward Data


Understanding the economic and demographic composition of Burlington and its Wards is an important part of planning for growth. It is essential in assisting the decision making process for assessing future developments, service levels, and improving the quality of life for residents. BEDC’s Site Selector tool, BurlingtonSites, was used to create these reports and can be found at:

Burlington is growing and at the forefront of being the best mid-sized city in Canada. It is home to over 190,000 people, and its economy is shifting towards service-based businesses with over a third of its labour force in knowledge-based and institutional industries. The average household income is over $100,000, with a university degree attainment rate of 30%. The reports provide a detailed look into these factors, among others for each Ward to give an understanding of the activity within them and how they differ.


Summary and detailed reports are available for Burlington and its six Wards. The summary presentation contains an overview of key data, with tables comparing how each Ward stands relative to others and the city as a whole. The detailed documents present in-depth information graphically with brief analysis and supporting data.