Transportation & Infrastructure

Transportation Connections to World Markets

Burlington is at the centre of major transportation routes. Highway linkages, an extensive passenger and cargo rail network, access to three international airports, and waterway connections through the St. Lawrence Seaway, allow your business to access major markets in Canada, the United States and beyond.

By Road:

Served by three intersecting highways: Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), 403, 407 ETR, Burlington offers direct linkages to both national and US markets. 40% of the American market can be accessed within one day’s drive from Burlington. Burlington is within easy reach of many US/Canada border crossings.

Border Crossing Distance Time from Burlington
KM Miles
Queenston – Lewiston 71 44 45 minutes
Niagara Falls 73 45 50 minutes
Fort Erie – Buffalo 97 60 1 hour
Port Huron – Sarnia 242 150 2 hours 30 minutes
Detroit 322 200 3 hours 30 minutes

Source: Mapquest

By Air:

Burlington is situated between two of Canada’s busiest airports: Toronto Pearson International Airport and Hamilton International Airport. Burlington is just over an hour away from two US-based international airports: Buffalo-Niagara International Airport and Niagara Falls International Airport, which have direct access to many American centres.

Airport Distance from Burlington Travel Time Overview
Toronto Pearson International Airport 55 km 40 minutes Passenger travel; courier and freight
Hamilton International Airport 34 km 25 minutes Passenger travel; courier and freight
Burlington Executive Airport 5 km 10 minutes Small aircraft; private charters
Niagara Falls International Airport 82 km 1 hour Passenger travel; courier and freight
Buffalo Niagara International Airport, USA 121 km 1 hour Passenger travel; courier and freight

By Rail:

Go Transit provides commuter rail service throughout the day. This provides quick and reliable access to downtown Toronto for business meetings and increases the labour force available to local companies. An increasing number of companies are utilizing lower shipping costs offered by rail. Burlington is served by CN Rail and Canadian Pacific.

By Water:

Noted as the busiest of the Great Lakes ports, the Port of Hamilton handles over 12 million tons of cargo and is visited by over 700 vessels each year. With less than a 15-minute drive from Burlington, this facility offers Burlington businesses an alternative form of goods transportation. Hamilton Port Authority has also launched a new container feeder service known as Sea3 between Hamilton, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.