Innovation Partner – FreshInsights Consulting


Thank you for your interest in FreshInsights Consulting.

As of May 27th, 2017, FreshInsights Consulting is no longer accepting new contracts. All obligations to graduates, grant agencies, and businesses have been honoured. BEDC will be retaining the FreshInsights brand and reassessing the program direction in 2018.

Until then, BEDC will be focusing on the launch of the new Innovation Centre: TechPlace. We foresee various opportunities emerging out of TechPlace, and encourage you to reach out if you would like to be involved.

About FreshInsights Consulting

Under the support of the Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC), FreshInsights was formed in 2011 to to accelerate the professional growth of new graduates by equipping them with experience and mentorship, while delivering value for forward thinking companies.

FreshInsights has provided 46 recent graduates with hands on, practical business experience and supported them with a network of professional business mentors. FreshInsights has partnered with over 70 clients to provide actionable insights through process-driven solutions in market research, strategic business planning and marketing support. Through a unique not-for-profit business model, FreshInsights Consulting combined competitive rates with a fresh approach and proven expertise.

For further information, please contact the Burlington Economic Development Corporation at 905-332-9415 or bedc@burlington.ca