BEDC Frequently Asked Questions

What is BEDC's economic strategy?

Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) has a mandate to enhance the growth prospects of our existing companies and bring new high-value firms to the community. BEDC’s focus is on growing the economic base to sustain Burlington’s competitive and prosperous community. BEDC is the first point of contact for companies seeking to expand, start-up or locate in Burlington.  

In 2018 BEDC’s Board of Directors approved a new 2018-2022 Strategic Plan: Our Vision for Economic Growth, this Strategic Plan is aligned with the City of Burlington’s 2015-2040 Strategic Plan and the Burlington Official Plan “Grow Bold.” To support economic prosperity and “Grow Bold,” BEDC has developed a Strategic Plan to:  keep Burlington competitive, attract and grow innovative companies, and develop an attractive 21st century city. Learn more here. 

What is BEDC's annual jobs target?

BEDC has a target of adding 1,000 jobs per year to the Burlington economy through helping companies locate, expand and start-up in Burlington.  BEDC uses 3 different sources to calculate its performance in generating jobs in Burlington, EMSI (Stastics Canada), Development Activity (tracking building permits to see how much space is available to accommodate jobs), and the Halton Employment Survey (door-to-door survey of companies). By utilizing a variety of sources, we are able to get the most accurate trendlines. According to the 3 sources that BEDC uses to track jobs the following jobs were added to the Burlington economy in 2017: 

  • ICI Development                              1,345 Jobs 
  • Halton Employment Survey              2,296 Jobs 
  • EMSI Analyst                                     2,194 Jobs 

Get a full explanation of each of these sources in BEDC Executive Director’s MEMO to Council on BEDC Job Calculations available here.  

How does BEDC support businesses to locate, expand and grow in Burlington?

A core focus at BEDC is supporting companies to locate, expand and grow in Burlington and BEDC helps around 300 companies a year through Customer Service Requests (CSRs). A priority at BEDC is helping with site selections for businesses to locate in Burlington and being the liaison between applicants and the resources they need to grow successfully in Burlington. We pay close attention to customer service to ensure everyone feels supported in locating and growing their business in Burlington. All CSRs are logged and tracked in BEDC’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and trends are analyzed quarterly to help align key areas of policy and advocacy for BEDC based on what we are hearing from our customers in the business community.

In addition, BEDC opened TechPlace to support the start-up and growth of companies through providing access to space, programming, mentorship, networking and resources. In Canada 40% of jobs come from companies less than five years old and align with the City Burlington 2015-2040 Strategic Plan direction 1.1f to support and attract startups and growing business BEDC is delivering on this mandate through the activities and partnerships associated with TechPlace.

TechPlace was opened after an extensive innovation and entrepreneurship strategy was developed by the BEDC team in 2016 available here, this strategy involved stakeholder engagement, an analysis of Ontario’s current innovation and entrepreneurship landscape and looking at best practices both locally and globally. Since opening in June 2017 TechPlace is a destination for technology, talent and ideation to come together under one roof to create and promote opportunities for economic growth. In year one TechPlace welcomed over 5,000 visitors, hosted over 85 events and accepted 7 LaunchPad companies. Learn more here. 

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