Development Processing During Covid-19

The City of Burlington is continuing to process applications that are within the building permit process throughout the duration and recovery of the Covid-19 Crisis. However, what we are processing depends entirely on the timeline and the project being submitted. Prior to moving forward with your development, please answer the following three questions below.

1. Was a Building Permit Application Submitted Prior to April 4th, 2020?

All permit applications are being processed and issued accordingly once all technical deficiencies are resolved. Due to the state of emergency, onlycertain construction projects can proceed as this coincides with the Provincial State of Emergency that was declared and the new development rules came into effect as contained in O.Reg. 82/20.

2. If you are a developer or a landlord, has a sales agreement, or a lease agreement, been signed?

You will need this in order to satisfy question #3 of the requirements. We need to be comfortable that the business that will be occupying the space is deemed an essential business.

3. Is the company that is locating to the new construction considered to be an essential business under the Essential Businesses list?

You will need to submit a letter later on in the process detailing what parts of the Essential Businesses Legislation you feel that the company falls into. You can find the regulations surrounding essential businesses here:

Essential Businesses List

If you have answered yes for all of these questions, then we at the City of Burlington can move forward with your application and ensure that you receive your Building Permit in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Burlington Economic Development for further clarification or concerns at invest@burlington.ca or by calling the Team Burlington Covid-19 response line at 289-337-5505  X 102.

Thank you and stay safe.

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